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The size of this piece comes in 8000 x 4008 only.


Love is spoken here. Love is written here. A story of true love never ends.


Mother always baked cookies filling this cookie jar every week. We would quietly raid the jar. All these years later, she still fills that same jar with her home baked goodies. Now her grandchildren have the joy of raiding grandma’s cookie jar. Size: 20in x 20in Materials: Acrylic on canvas, unframed




This painting captures artist Rihanna, with inspiration stemming from our shared roots, and Bajan culture.


Advice from a Strawberry: Blossom where you’re planted, Be tasteful, Drink in the sunshine, Savor life’s sweetness, Let good ideas ripen, and Jam with your friends! Size: 40in x 30in Materials: Acrylic on canvas, unframed

Mixed Media

The Interview


I love personifying inanimate objects. Bringing a chair to life and giving it a roll in a story is exciting. You can elicit these connections from people because they are familiar things.

Mixed Media

Terra Cognitae


Work composed in the first weeks of the strict quarantine that was lived in Argentina. The need to take refuge in inner worlds in the face of fear and uncertainty generated by a suddenly threatening and incomprehensible exterior.


Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day helped to revitalize the modern punk scene. From the album “Revolution Radio” the lyric “I put the riot in patriot” jumped out at me as inspiration for this piece.


If one were to choose an anthem for Guns N' Roses, it would be “Welcome to the Jungle” as it captures the essence of the band. Who better to base a painting around then Axl Rose, the always interesting front man of the band.

Mixed Media



This painting of James dean is a visual reminder for me to never let go of my inner rebel. I hope that you the viewer always remember that the things you hold dear always hold an important place in your voyage forward.


Tipping Point


The size of this piece comes in 1849 x 2340 only.


Winter Pond Sunset


Winter photography makes for some incredible images. The backdrop of the silhouetted evergreens against the warm palette of the sunset sky and frozen pond made for a stunning view that I had to capture. All photos are printed on high quality professional photography paper. Each print includes a white margin that is hand signed and...

The G-Spot