Welcome to Argtasm Modern Art Gallery, a unique online gallery of mind-blowing art for the daring collector. Why Artgasm some might ask? Our gallery is meant to live up to its name by displaying works of art that will give you a full body artgasmic experience, one where all of your senses are highly stimulated as you view, contemplate and discuss incredible pieces of art.

Artgasm Modern Art is a gallery developed for creatives by creatives. Founded by a team with various areas of expertise in the art industry, Artgasm offers clients a wide range of modern art works. For the Artgasm team, the gallery is more than just an online gallery. Rather, it is a true arts community and an arts family, which values our artists’ voice and which supports this generation’s talented artists in all stages in their careers. Our goal is to offer a niche boutique experience, one with a personal and intimate touch, in an online setting.

Artists who are part of the gallery have been selected based on their unique styles, modern themes, visionary ideas and works that evoke a certain energy, movement, and emotion. Regardless of whether the artists are emerging, mid-career or professional artists, their inclusion in the gallery speaks to their visionary styles. Our team of artists create unforgettable, pieces that create both physical and emotional sensations experienced at the peak of artistic excitation, resulting from stimulation of the cerebral organ.

While we do things a little differently, our team is committed to making our gallery a leader in the online art industry. Our foundation is based on relationships, relationships with the artists, the clients and other industry partners. We hope that you appreciate the unique and modern work that is a must own for collectors at all stages of their journey.  With varying price points to meet everyone’s needs, there is an original work of art just waiting to be owned. We look forward to you being part of our journey and we always welcome your questions and feedback.


Artgasm is intent on creating a welcoming, engaging, dynamic and transformative experience that opens eyes and minds and allows for new ways of seeing the world around us through the visual arts.  


Artgasm is a forward-thinking gallery focussed on building and deepening relationships by creating a community of artists, captivating and engaging the arts community by welcoming others to explore and experience art, and transforming individuals’ lives by fostering the love of modern art.


As a gallery, it is our collective responsibility to improve continuously and to work together as we further the organization’s mission and vision. As such we: 

  • Recognize and celebrate one another’s successes, work toward shared goals and recognize the unique value of each artist we represent.  
  • Welcome the community with the highest standards of hospitality and share our passion for the arts with creativity and innovation. 
  • Believe that art transforms us by connecting people, by sharing emotion and experience, and by furthering our understanding of the world around us.  
  • Foster relationships built on mutual respect and compassion. 
  • Understand the needs of the diverse community of artists we serve.
  • Work openly and inclusively to create a welcoming experience for all.  
  • Learn and evolve together by embracing change, by giving our artists a voice and by providing access to a variety of transformative art. 
  • Will endeavour to provide a competitive and affordable service for all.