We showcase a broad spectrum of exciting established and emerging creative talent from all areas of Fashion, Art and Music.

Niji Magazine has been serving the Fashion, Art and Music industries since 2010.

Featuring the finest established and emerging creative talent, Niji Magazine is an essential read for anyone interested in our areas of expertise and for artists who want to get their message across to the people that matter. Whatever the talent, if the work inspires us, we believe it will inspire our readers.

If you are involved in any of the areas we cover, don’t be shy, complete the Contact Form and ‘Submit Your Work’. The form is accessible on any of the magazines’ pages, and a member of our team will contact you.

Note: Submitting your work is the process we use to manage interest. Completing the registration process doesn’t guarantee you a free feature in the magazine and due to volumes we can only respond to successful submissions. If you are interested in a guaranteed paid feature at very competitive prices please get in touch with sales@nijimagazine.com.

We also provide volunteered and work experience opportunities to writers, bloggers, presenters, photographers and aspiring film makers to contribute to our success. Through our contacts we send the relevant resource to events/shows/interviews and credit them for their work. This provides the resource with excellent networking opportunities, anything that comes out of those opportunities is yours to pursue. Interested? Complete the Contact Form and ‘Submit Your Work’.

If you have ideas on how we can improve the magazine or you want to discuss business opportunities email info@nijimagazine.com.

If you are a PR company and you want to send us a press release please email press@nijimagazine.com

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Team Niji

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