Karen Robb is a Canadian visual artist and co-curator of an art gallery based in Winnipeg, Canada. She studied at the University of Manitoba: School of Fine Arts with an emphasis on figurative work. While her area of study may have been on figurative work, Karen’s art covers a variety of subject matter. While best described as a Conceptual Expressionist, she does not want to be categorized with a specific label, as her work encompasses various styles of art.

Karen Rob
Karen Robb

Her collections have been in both group and solo shows across North America and abroad. These include New York, Miami, and the Hamptons in the United States to Shanghai, China, as well as Canada.

Her work has made the covers of both the “New York Optimist” and the “Prairie”, an architectural digest. For Karen, art truly is her life. When not painting there is still a focus on art in her household. Her partner is an established artist and Karen has future projects planned with her son, combining his growing notoriety as a social media figure with her art talents.

It is evident that Karen’s love of nature, the beauty found in simple objects, architecture and personal stories are all influences that drive her creativity. Her various styles and subject matter will keep viewers guessing as to what the focus of her next series may be. The one common element in all of her works is that she wants to take people on an unexpected journey, where one can look at everyday situations in an unexpected way and where perceived space is filled with shapes, colour and interest.

Karen’s art is best described as a conversation. She uses the canvas to talk to and connect with people through her paintings. Ultimately, her life experiences inform her art. Through this medium her feelings, her beliefs and her values are shared. Karen wants to evoke strong emotions in people, she wants to get others to think critically about her message and most importantly, she wants to use her art to make a positive difference in the world.

Naughty 9ine Fast Facts with Karen Robb

I have been creating… for as long as I can remember, including trouble

It takes me… various amounts of time to create, sometimes the ideas swim out of the brain and onto the canvas. Sometimes it is a torturously long time.

When creating my go to drink is… port. I always drink a glass of sangria when I finish a painting.

My play list when creating includes… a mish mash of genres; however, it will always include some old school punk.

One famous person I would love to meet for dinner… would be Banksy, although I do believe he is busy.

I am currently binge watching… the “Crown”, my guilty pleasure

The last book I read is… Ha-hah. What is the first book I read? I do not read long books, as my attentions span would devour me.

Outside of the arts, my interests and passions include… gardening, wait that is creative, singing – creative again. I actually do not think I use the left side of my brain!!

My go to comfort food is… a thick and hearty soup

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