Denice Taylor Rinks


Denice Taylor Rinks is a multidisciplinary artist working with mixed media in painting, photography, digital art, sculpture, and graphic design. Her artwork is created to bring awareness to the needs of humanity with subject matter pertaining to human rights, inclusivity and equality among other issues. Born 1967, in San Francisco, California, she has lived in many states across the United States.

She began creating art from a very young age and was diagnosed as globally gifted at age five. Denice received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting as a non-traditional student. Before finishing her degree, she worked as a graphic designer for a corporate ad agency. She started her own business, Aesthetical Climate Studio®, which continues to thrive today. Denice has exhibited across the United States and internationally. Her work sits in homes of private collectors worldwide.



Denice’s work focuses on the spirit within our mind and body – how we experience emotions. She uses colour, composition, and mixed media to portray her subject matter and writes her interpretation of each piece as narratives. As Denice explains, “I am driven to make art. As a human being, through my work, I hope to give voices to those who are quieted by fear, environment or by force.


Angel of Passion


Peering out of the darkness, this angel of passion is surrounded by beautiful hot pink flames that touch her glowing skin.


Vibrant cool hues with warm accents fill the water as Autumn falls upon this purple mountain.


The angel figure standing above the earth with strength and grace. By doing our part individually, we can heal the world. Strength in one, healing together.

Mixed Media

Warrior Of Change


The warrior in this painting is fighting the battle of human rights and stands up against the evil with her golden halo of armor. Her butterfly/moth like wings are signs of change.

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Mixed Media

Warm Day Lit Night


Vibrant warm hues play around a mountaintop in daylight. Then it has green glow in the dark surprise at night!


Vibrant hues play around the sea in daylight. Then it has green glow-in the dark surprise at night!


Playful Still Life in rich yellow, blue and violet hues!


Playful Still Life in gorgeous pink and blue hues with black and white graphic accents!


The angel is wise but innocent at the same time. She projects equality and love and is surrounded with mystery and grace.


Love is spoken here. Love is written here. A story of true love never ends.