Faithe, known artistically as Faith with an E, hails from Long Island, New York. Her love for art and her journey to follow her passion led her to the prestigious Art Institute of NYC in 2013; where she immersed herself in the study of Graphic Design. Post-graduation, her ambitions were firmly rooted in the graphic design realm, and she pursued this path through three design positions and freelance work. However, as time passed, a growing feeling gnawed at her; it seemed that graphic design was not her true calling, nor did it flow naturally from her heart.

In 2017, after grappling with personal trials, Faithe took a transformative step. She shed the title of “designer” and turned her gaze towards her innate talent – the artistry that resonated with her very being. At first, her artistic journey lacked a specific vision or style; it was a canvas waiting for inspiration to paint upon. She produced pieces that not only felt right but brought her immense joy in their creation. With each passing day, her distinctive style began to emerge, eventually blossoming into the breathtaking artworks we admire today.


As a digital artist, Faithe’s primary tool is the digital paintbrush wielded in Photoshop. Her artistic style is a captivating fusion of realism and black aesthetics. She draws profound inspiration from the multifaceted world of black women, music, and fashion. Often, her creative spark ignites after listening to a soul-stirring melody, glimpsing a striking outfit, or witnessing a transformative hairstyle.

Faithe, a devoted mother of two, aspires for her daughters and all black women to see their beauty reflected in her art. She paints with a purpose, celebrating the mesmerizing spectrum of black skin tones, the allure of full lips, and the captivating essence of natural hair. Earthy tones intertwined with vibrant hues form the palette and she weaves symbolism into her pieces with the inclusion of butterflies and flowers; representing beauty, growth, and resilience.


Her artistic mission transcends personal expression; it is about inspiring women and making bold statements that invite interpretation. Each piece is a testament to her devotion to inspiring and uplifting others. In doing so, Faithe seeks to empower women, stir emotions, and spark conversations through artistry that transcends words, inviting each viewer to discover their unique interpretation of her creations.


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