Little is known about contemporary photographer, Urban Eco Ink, (UEI). Speculation is that UEI is from North America but the artist has never shared his identity. When asked the reason for that UEI indicated that he wants the work to speak for itself. For UEI what is important is what is captured in front of the camera, not the person behind the lens.

Cityscape 3

Like many people, UEI would take photos while on vacation to capture the memory, but there was no real thought put into the photography. The art from only became a focus and UEI only fell in love with photography a few years ago. What catapulted him into photography was UEI’s girlfriend at the time. UEI’s significant other loved the art of photography. What started as a shared moment and a new experience became a passion for UEI, something of which he will always be appreciative. Together they would go for a hike and take photographs or capture picturesque moments of the locales in which they were vacationing. Then the pandemic hit and shortly after the relationship ended. With travel halted and the relationship over, UEI took a break from photography.

The call of the camera was too much for UEI and so he re-entered the world of still life cinematography. UEI finds photography to be an escape – essentially it is a Zen like moment where his focus is on capturing the “perfect shot” by getting the proper point of view, amount of light and background-foreground balance. UEI does not believe in taking numerous shots – instead he believes in trying to find that singular photo that captures what UEI wants to share.

The artist has always loved the work of other photographers, especially Neil Dankoff, Peter Lik and Rodney Lough Jr., who specialize in landscape photography. Their work always mesmerized UEI and those photographers’ works continue to have a special place with UEI today. In part that is why landscape photography is one of UEI’s favourite subject matter. For UEI capturing city scenes is also a passion. The edginess and energy of the city is a complete contrast to the natural calm and serenity that landscape photography brings. These two juxtaposed styles are in part, reflective of UEI’s personality.

UEI finds power and timelessness in the black and white photography he creates. Conversely, he loves producing coloured photography, sometimes filter enhanced, as it conveys a certain energy and beauty. Not wanting to be typecast as a specific type of photog, UEI enjoys capturing both cityscapes – the Urban, and landscapes – the Eco. As for the Ink, only time will tell. While there is an air of mystery around the true identity of the photographer, it is safe to say that UEI’s work speaks for itself.

Naughty 9ine Fast Facts with Urban Eco Ink

I have been creating… for a short period of time – I am excited to see where this journey takes

It takes me… varied amounts of time to create a photo. Between waiting for the perfect moment to snap the image to altering the photo later on there is no set time.

When creating my go to drink is… nothing – all my attention is on capturing the image.

My play list when creating includes… the sound of the world around me. I love immersing myself in the natural beauty of the location where I am taking photos.

One famous person I would love to meet for dinner… Dave Grohl. He is such an interesting guy and so damn good at what he does.

I am currently binge watching … “Deadwood”. The last book I read is … “The Nightmare” by Lars Kepler. Aside from being a pseudonym (and we know I like those) for the writers, there dark psychological thrillers make for a great read.

Outside of the arts, my interests and passions include… learning the guitar, mental health advocacy and tattoos.

My go to comfort food is… man there are so many choices but sushi! Is a sushi comfort food

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