Matt Pine

Matt Pine, a multidisciplinary mixed-media and spray-paint artist hailing from Toronto, Canada, offers a captivating journey into the heart of his subjects and his own, utilising an array of mediums such as photography, digital design, and painting. In his earlier years, Matt confronted and overcame addiction and alcoholism, yet this triumph left a void that conventional therapy could not fill. By chance, during this juncture, he discovered the visual arts, initially through graffiti, as a means to process his own trauma. This venture into the art world would prove to be profoundly transformative for Matt.

Matt’s artworks showcase the interplay of beauty and resilience amidst personal tribulations. Each of his subjects has confronted various forms of trauma and adversity, emerging victorious. Through his artwork, Matt masterfully narrates a tale, whether it be his own or through the lens of another subject. For Matt, each creation serves as a contemporary reminder to celebrate the beauty hidden within life’s shadows.

Matt predominantly employs mixed-media techniques, which enable him to continually push artistic boundaries and discover novel means of self-expression. He contends that the essence of art is influenced by even the smallest details; hence, every hue and texture within his paintings represents an additional layer of emotion invested in each piece. To bring his visions to life, Matt collaborates with a diverse array of models and photographers from across the globe.

His artistic toolbox encompasses photography, digital sketches, spray-painted portraits, and custom clothing designs, facilitating the creation of attention-grabbing, one-of-a-kind artworks.

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