Since childhood, Özlem harboured an enduring passion for drawing and painting. Art classes always held a special place in her heart. However, in Turkey, pursuing art as a profession wasn’t commonly viewed with seriousness. Consequently, she charted a different academic path, delving into the realms of science. Her imaginative faculties expanded as she explored the world from a unique perspective, earning degrees in Biology and Botany. But in time, she heeded the inner call and embarked on a journey of drawing and painting.

Currently residing in Belsize Park, Özlem has transformed her dwelling into a sanctuary of artistic creation, a place once frequented by luminaries like Piet Mondrian and Ben Nicholson, just before the onset of World War II. Originally from Istanbul, Özlem was deeply influenced by the rich and diverse tapestry of artistic expressions from the Mediterranean region. From the ancient marvels of Ephesus to the vibrant traditional crafts of Eastern Turkey, her creative spirit was nurtured.

In 2015, Özlem relocated to London, refining her artistic style while drawing upon her background in Biology, Botany, and her fervent love for science, all contributing to her broad conceptual palette. Nature, a perennial source of inspiration, finds its place in her work, often manifesting as imaginative landscapes offering glimpses into alternative realities.

Drawing inspiration from cinema, music, the natural world, and her travels, Özlem identifies as an astute observer. She absorbs the stimuli she encounters, translating them into vibrant hues and captivating forms on her canvas. The result is a collection of pieces that radiate boundless vitality and joy.

Since 2018, Özlem has left her mark on numerous exhibitions worldwide, spanning New York, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK, with her work also gracing the pages of print and online publications. Notable mentions include Capsules Book, ‘Leaders in Contemporary Art’ (Australia), The Art Folio Annual Art Book ‘World’s Most Exciting Artists’ (USA), House and Garden Magazine, and the ‘Covart’ Project at the Copelouzos Family Art Museum (Greece). She has garnered accolades such as ‘Best in Show’ in Texas, an ‘Honourable Mention’ award in Tokyo, and ‘Top Ten’ awards from Precious magazine in Hong Kong.

In 2022, Özlem was selected as one of seven artists to craft giant fiberglass eggs in celebration of Queen Elizabeth the Second’s Silver Jubilee by Elephant Family, a wildlife charity supported by the Royal Family.

Özlem’s creative endeavours remain ceaseless, and her artwork has found a home in the collections of global connoisseurs, including luminaries such as Anita Dobson, Brian May, Maria Friedman, and Andy Nyman.

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