Toby Gotesman Schneier, an American Expressionist Painter, is a self-taught powerhouse in the art world. She consistently astonishes with her fearless disregard for established conventions. Gotesman Schneier seamlessly weaves intricate “codes” and “missions” into her canvases. Whether an element is perceived as serendipitous or meticulously planned remains a perpetual enigma, a hallmark of her artistry. This enigmatic symbolism has become her signature.

Toby Gotesman Schneier

Her unwavering passion is an insatiable drive to portray human suffering in its raw authenticity. Over two decades ago, she impulsively grasped a paintbrush, commencing an unforeseen and illustrious career as an artist and painter. When questioned about her wellspring of inspiration, she maintains that the work itself “discovered her,” rather than the reverse. She firmly believes that she acts as a conduit, a mere vessel, for a message of paramount importance that consumes her entirely.

Renowned for her singular capacity to metamorphose objects, people, scenes, and events into arresting and thought-provoking works of art, Gotesman Schneier crafts paintings that exude an unapologetic audacity while somehow capturing inherent beauty. Without adhering to conventions, she consistently strikes a chord of sheer sublimity, captivating viewers with each piece.

Her empathy for the human condition and her unwavering faith in a higher power are evident throughout her work. Frequently noted is the poignant nostalgia, sentiment, and even longing her art evokes, as her pieces seem infused with familiarity, cultural nuances, and a heightened sense of irony and collective injustice.

Her unconventional use of color, form, and texture, her audacious departure from traditional artistic norms, and her adeptness at jolting viewers into action with bold, unambiguous imagery have garnered her significant acclaim within the international art community.

Holocaust Summation
Holocaust Summation

Gotesman Schneier’s critically acclaimed collections, including Holocaust, Homelessness, and HIV/AIDS, alongside her more whimsical works featuring Women in Dresses, Umbrellas, Beach scenes, and Abstract pieces, traverse a vast spectrum of subjects, showcasing her impressive versatility and multifaceted perspectives. Her paintings grace the walls of esteemed private collections and have graced the halls of renowned museums and galleries across the nation. Her work has also found permanent homes in museums, public spaces, and esteemed private collections around the world.

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